How to Play
Collect golds to get bigger
Kill the other players to grow, and collect the gold, try to reach the highest level
Mouse: move cursor, click to attack
Keyboard: WASD, arrows move and SPACE to attack
What is ? is a survival game, that requires players to kill each other before the dangerous gas destroy them when they are outside of the safe zone at the battleground . tasks players with a duty to improve their character and kill the enemies in the game to become person who is alive in the game as the last person. Players can achieve this by killing their opponents to make their character's bigger and collecting golds to level up by travelling in the game. The multi player game is a fun game which lets players slain each other at the battleground before they die because of dangerous gas at outside of the safe zone. You can accomplish all these things by collecting gold , becoming more bigger and killing other enemies before you die in the outside of the safe zone. has more map than one also there are a lot of characters that you can choose and play with them. Of course, there are a lot of difficulty levels according to your skills. While your characters level up at the same time difficulty level is increasing automatically. Golds that you were collecting in the game you can buy characters by using them and every character has a different weapon and appearance. Character's which extra expensive than others are much more stronger because range of their weapon is much higher. By using range of the weapons you might kill the other players very easily. Every map is restricted and for every 15-second dangerous gas is advances to the safe zone. Meaning that area of the safe zone at the beginning and at the end will different. That's why you should make your movements and actualize them by considering the effect of dangerous gas and safe zone. is a game which is .io based so is free to play in phones and browsers, it is a casual game which has a multiplayer component, it's contains very few mechanisms, and minimalist graphics so it will not affect your phones or tablet in a bad way. As we know all .io The is a 2D game because it's based on .io but some of our players say that is 2.5D because of concept of the height. Arcade is the basics of the our games because It's a gaming genre that focuses on fast paced gaming activity and enhanced hand eye coordinative ability than it does on any other aspect of the game. has the same fundamental principles like other .io based games. The main difference between and other .io based games your character is a pirate. You are becoming stronger by raiding treasures and killing other players in the safe zone but in other .io based games, you just either running or drawing something to state your field lines so it has a quite obvious difference in a playing style.
How To Play begins with 70 online players simultaneously. Every pirate born in a random place at the map and place that you were born is changes for every game there is no certain location to begin the game. When the game starts every player has the same level. List of the things you should do when the game start: How to navigate? You may navigate your pirate 360. The thing that you should do is just drag the screen where you want to go and be sure that your pirate's face is looking where you want to go if it does not look where you want to go you should change the direction of your pirate. That's why the angle that you are looking is important. How to move? If you are playing on the browser, you should click with your mouse or touchpad to a place where you want to advance. If you are playing on phone or tablet, you should drag the screen where you want to go by using your finger. To be able to there you should keep your finger at the screen. If you draw back your finger your pirate will be stopped and it will stand there and it will be waiting your next command. You should get level up You can get level up by travelling the map to find treasure or gold to become stronger and bigger. Why you should level up? Here is the answer: While you are getting stronger and bigger your damage that you give the enemies will be increased automatically. That's why other players will try to escape from you to not die and lose the game. The thing that you should do try to follow enemy before they lost in the map and run after them to become strongest. Straight Attacks Straight attacks are important as staying alive. Because enemies are not going to be dying by looking at them. You should make movements by using your weapon. There are 2 straight attacks one of them is done by the right hand and the other one is done by left hand so when you attack the enemies attacks are doing by 2 different way and their damage percentage is the same so you don't need to worry about which one was the hitting more Attack the enemies Every player has a weapon to kill other enemies. But how you are going to use? The face of your pirate should be looking directly to the enemys face to damage them otherwise, because of the angle you can not hurt them so your attacks will be missed. The angle is important to stay alive because of that you should watch yourself then where you are looking at it if you want to attack the enemy who is behind you first you should change your pirate's direction then you might attack.
How to Win Game at
To win the games at your basic skills such as navigation, movement, getting level up, straight attacks and fighting with enemy should be perfect to win the game. Whenever you should see a enemy pirates you should be able to make estimations about his or her movements at the same time you should consider the number of enemy pirates. Because we know that there are 70 pirates with us that's why when you are going to attack the other pirates you should think fast also be able to execute what you think. Because if you play out of focus there is a no chance that you will be the strongest and smartest pirate in the island. Whenever you should see an enemy you should be able to make estimations about his or her movements at the same time you should consider the number of enemies. Because we know that there are 70 pirates with us. that's why when you are going to attack the other pirates you should think fast also be able to execute what you think. Because if you play without focusing I guarantee you that there is a no chance that you will be the strongest pirate in the island. Like every other game has the same basic and simple tricks that will make you winner every game if you follow and execute what we are going to say our new pirates 1-When the game begins do not try to kill other pirates because every pirate has same strength at beginning so there is a no difference between any of the pirates in the island. So you should be focused about treasures and golds which are waiting you. Treasures and golds are distributed randomly so there is a no secret place in the island to find all treasures and golds. You must be searching for golds and treasure to level up and becoming stronger than other pirates. 2- If you are not enough stronger to fight with other pirates you should avoid them and escape is not a cowardness for a short time because if you get stronger there is a really small chance that they can kill you but if you have the same level with the enemy. It's just about luck who is going to win the fight. The way to do is you should make circles around the island to find the treasures and gold also to escape and not to be caught by other pirates. Because we know that poison gas is making a safe zone less small for each 15-seconds and makes harmful for the rest of the area except safe zone. 3- The most important trick to win every battle with other pirates just try this. When you face with other pirates try to behave like escaping from them but we don't escape it is just a trick to bait them. When they run after us try to charge your sword with your power than change your way to the enemy and cut off their bodies with your strongest attack. It will kill them with one hit.
Mobile:drag with one finger, tap with second finger to attack
Keep attack pressed longer to focus and make a special dash attack
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Drag with one finger, tap with second finger to attack
Keep second finger pressed longer to focus and make a special dash attack
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12345 Pick yer character pet
Your pet regenerates: 10 Health Points/s
Upgrade for 12345
"Dead men tell no tales..."
Ye have been killed by someone
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